About Tereza

tereza johnson
Tereza's consistant research and studies in Human Science, means that Tereza is continually attending workshops, seminars and lectures from Doctors and Specialists in the field of Psychology and Human Science.

In my private practice, I combine verbal and non-verbal modalities such as Sandplay therapy.

Research purports that combining elements of verbal and expressive non-verbal tactile therapies is a powerful therapeutic combination.

tereza johnson

tereza johnson

Sandplay incorporates symbols, sand and figurines. It is a fun and gradual inner healing modality with profound positive therapeutic outcomes. The cool dry and/or wet sand awakens the senses of touch, sight and smell and provides a calming effect. This non-verbal modality addresses and heals dilemmas on both conscious and unconscious levels.

Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung's research highlighted how the unconscious evolves into the conscious mind forming the personality of each of us from birth throughout the lifespan.

Sandplay therapy develops and expands our awareness with the unconscious enabling maturity & self actualization in a gradual, safe and healthy way to realize our abundant unique inner potential, strengths & qualities critical for a healthy fulfilling life.

I understand that with our busy life styles it may not be convenient to see a professional during school and business hours so I have extended my consultation hours to include after business and after school hours, during the week as well as weekends.

I am contactable for consultations by email through my website as well as by phone 0421 425 387.

Tereza Johnson (BCHC)
member Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)
member CG Jung Society of Sydney NSW

Dru Yoga Teacher (Dip DYT)