Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga. Classes start with Activations which prepare the body for the yoga postures (asanas) followed by an Energy Block Release sequence and finish with signature Dru 4 stage Deep Relaxation.

Classes always have pranayama (breath work), mudras (gestures), positive affirmations, empowering  & powerful visualisations, The movements are gentle flowing & dynamic. The classes are educational and focus is on building  strong core stability and finding the participant’s still point (Dru point).

Classes are suitable for all ages and cater for all levels of movement ability.

People with injuries, the elderly and infirm benefit from classes even if they need to be seated in a chair for the whole class, are able to attend a Dru class.

What is unique about Dru Yoga?

What is Dru Meditation? Dru Meditation is about finding a still inner point from which you can look at the world in a different way and discover a fresh, new perspective on your life. You'll discover powerful breathing techniques, kriyas and concentration techniques.

Discover your inner stillness

In Dru Meditation you will learn to access a deep inner peace, no matter what challenges you may be facing in life.
Dru takes you deeply into the science of meditation, showing how to bring your awareness from the physical body, through to the deepest layers of your being. Dru meditation uniquely makes a focus of the five koshas, which are the different levels through which we experience the world.

What makes Dru meditation special?

So you’ve tried a few types of meditation, and enjoyed the stress-relieving benefits. But have you tried Dru Meditation yet? And do you know how Dru Meditation is different from other styles of meditation?
We like to define meditation as the perfect balance between alertness and relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you practise in a chair or sitting cross legged on the floor, it’s all about quietening the mind and stilling the body.

Dru Meditation & the 5 koshas (levels of consciousness)

Anamaya kosha (physical body) – using mindful awareness, you will learn to sit comfortably and relax at will, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so you remain alert yet relaxed.

Pranamaya kosha (energy body) – powerful breathing techniques such as Sama vritti, the three fold breath and Savitri pranayma will enable you to build up your energy and health.

Manomaya kosha (emotional body) – Dru’s kriyas and meditation techniques will help you become the master of your emotions, enabling you to access passion and willpower so you can choose how you feel in any moment.

Vijnaanamaya kosha (intellectual body) – Using the ancient power of mantra and japa, you will awaken your inner wisdom body, where intuition and your life’s purpose become clear.

Anandamaya kosha (blissful body) – using Dru’s subtle meditation methods, you will experience the joy of your higher self, however you perceive it. 

For more information and true stories visit the Dru Yoga websites by Googling Dru Yoga
I am a Certified Dru Yoga Instructor, fully insured and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with all ages of my community in the journey of maintaining and gaining optimum healthy body mind and spirit.

Please contact me for a complimentary one on one class, also see my website terezajohnson.com.au for further information about my services.

Looking forward to a wonderful journey with you.

Tereza (Dip DYT) (BCHC)